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The lengthy massive load passed quickly through the Bitterroot Valley in the darkness of the night early this week.  It seemed once it began rolling, there was no stopping it and from all accounts there was no attempt to do so.

It had remained just below Lost Trail Pass in the neighboring state of Idaho, seemingly stalled, or perhaps contemplating if it belonged at all in Montana, the Treasure State.  Whatever the reason, once permission was granted, and the wheels set in motion, the oil equipment longer than a football field had limited touchdowns along Highway 93’s scenic route.

There were those who saw it and were extremely impressed.  Others only heard of its passing and were left distressed.  To most residents however, it was out of sight, out of mind and they simply could care less.  Although it was mostly unnoticed, such a move requires great effort, coordinated logistics, functioning machinery, cooperating weather, and incredible horsepower.

Life is like a mega load.  Sometimes an obstacle is reached that seems insurmountable.  It slows one down, and often stalls us completely.  We’re often able to pick ourselves up and begin to progress again.  Sometimes it requires outside help and effort to see what the holdup is before we begin to move again in the right direction.  Whether volunteer or professional, there are many anxious, willing and caring enough to see us safely along the way.

2014 will bring many obstacles, many challenges and many mega loads.  A mega load is an opportunity to strengthen resolve, refine experience and renew determination.  There is no load that can’t be moved with fresh perspective, additional insight and the will to do so.

Like the child’s story of the little engine that could, the greatest motivational force of all is simply the belief that “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can”.  Internal belief trumps all mega loads.  We will see additional mega loads, but individually and collectively will see them quickly pass.

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